How will we take our bodies with us into the future

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This wiki is hosted within servers built upon [Gadigal country], as is Critical Path.
Critical Path respectfully acknowledges the Gadigal as the traditional custodians of the land where the organisation is based and pays respect to all First Peoples and their Elders.
We also acknowledge that every contributor to the wiki is living in the aftermath of colonial instigated inequities that persist to this day.

Credit: designed by Iris Shen - 沈思儀

How Will We Take Our Bodies With Us Into The Future?

Is a SciFi proposition to force an opinion about the physicality of now. To reconsider our interfaces and socialised bodies.

It will be launched as a poster, dance showing and hyperlink publication at 2pm - 4pm on the 13th of November 2022 at the Drill Hall, Critical Path.

It also has an ongoing life in the curatorial framework / guiding evocation for Next Wave's digital efforts. Which was the result of many many artists thinking-out-loud together around UTC +7 through +10.

Dance Show

M@ is approaching this questions as a movement based enquiry titled Our Bodies Are Only Ours When We're Dancing.
Maybe choreography is the technology that may help us take our bodies with us into the future?

Romain Hassanin, Bgirl Raygun, and M@, worked together in a studio dancing and thinking towards co-authoring a contribution to the publication titled The Future Arrives At All Costs


Texts from the following invited artists can be read between November 13th 2022 until December 2026. These artists have drafted their contributions each directly into this WIKI, iterating in front of each other, editing or adding to each others work through permission-less and playful hyperlinking in response to the question which also forms the title.
Please follow the hyperlinks with abandon.
(The rest of the remains private at this stage as the ongoing headquarters for digital efforts around choreographic research at Critical Path. If you hit a login page, this is why. Simply go back one page and try another hyperlink for now).

Credits, Thanks, and More Info


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